2024 PAME Conference

Family Day – December 4, 2024

PAME Conference – December 5, 2024

Los Angeles, CA


The PAME Conference is the partnership’s flagship event and occurs in advance of the Annual AES meeting each year. PAME partners play an important role in its planning and in dissemination of conference proceedings to patients, families, researchers, clinicians, and others. PAME meetings are scientifically rigorous and informed by the experiences of people impacted and bereaved by epilepsy. They are cross-sectoral in nature and include updates and discussion on the latest basic and clinical research, as well as directions in awareness and education. While SUDEP remains a thrust of the conference, other causes of mortality continue to be elevated. PAME maintains a special focus on younger investigators and highlights their work through a competitive abstract selection process.


Registration opens in August. More information will be posted as it becomes available.


Interested in supporting the conference? View this document for more information or email PAME@aesnet.org.