Patients & Families

Many resources exist to educate families and individuals about the risks associated with epilepsy and to support those who have lost a loved one. See below for key resources and links to other organizations offering excellent information and support.

Health Care Providers

In recent years, more information has become available to educate health care providers on all risks associated with epilepsy and to support their clinical decisions around patient assessment and education. Some current resources are listed below. Additional evidence-based materials are in development and will be made available in 2022. Please keep checking back for more information!


PAME is committed to promoting understanding of epilepsy-related mortality and this includes promoting basic and clinical research, creating networking and collaboration opportunities, and identifying gaps in research that need to be addressed.

Death Investigators

Death investigators serve a critical role in advancing research and surveillance on epilepsy mortality. PAME envisions a future where all epilepsy-related deaths are properly certified, for the sake of research, surveillance and for the bereaved families’ knowledge. Below are some helpful resources and initiatives for death investigators. Please continue to check base as these resources are updated.