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The PAME Conference convenes epilepsy researchers, health care providers, non-profit professionals, and people impacted by epilepsy, including the bereaved, to share knowledge and work together to prevent epilepsy mortality. PAME's 2024 conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA, on Thursday, December 4th, and the Family Day will be on Wednesday, December 3rd. We'll share more info as it becomes available!

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All stakeholders are welcome to attend free PAME webinars. Most webinars are geared towards PAME’s multiple audiences. While some content might be technical, PAME strives to educate all who are interested. Join PAME for upcoming webinars and stay tuned for new offerings.

Seizures and Sudden Death in Children

05/13/2024 | 12:00 pm EST - 1:00 pm EST

Seizures & Sudden Death in Children - New evidence and important directions for research and prevention.     Leading NYU researchers, Laura Gould and Orrin Devinsky, will discuss their new research linking seizures, including febrile, to early childhood deaths.  Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) is the unexpected death of a child on or after their first birthday that is unexplained following a comprehensive investigation. More than half of these deaths occur in toddlers, aged 1-4 years of age and about 1/3 are associated with a past medical history of febrile seizures. Almost all SUDC deaths are sleep related and unwitnessed so the NYU team sought to better understand possible mechanisms of death by reviewing videos of  some children during their last sleep period. Importantly, they found that some children passed away after having a convulsion in sleep. Justin Fell and Katie Czajkowski-Fell will share their story of their son Hayden and their experience in research enrollment with NYU's SUDC Registry and Research Collaborative. Pediatric epilepsy specialist, Dr. Elizabeth Donner, will moderate the webinar as the panelists describe their study and its implications for future research and clinical care such as post-infancy sleep guidelines.

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PAME launched its webinar series in 2021. To view past recordings and accompanying materials, click here.

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Since 2012, PAME has convened a series of vibrant and diverse meetings with state of art content related to the understanding and prevention of epilepsy mortality.

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