“It’s easy, as a basic scientist, to sometimes forget the personal cost of what it is you’re studying when you’re used to seeing just the numbers. I met several people who are either caregivers or who lost someone, and it reminded me why I’m doing this”.


PAME Conference:

The PAME Conference brings together a range of stakeholders with the goal of promoting understanding of epilepsy mortality.  A major emphasis of the meeting includes shining a light on new research and emerging areas of interest.  PAME’s celebrates young researchers via the Young Investigators Award and Hot Topics plenary.  The PAME Conference also hosts a poster session and offers travel stipends for a select number of abstract presenters.  Researchers tend to benefit from meeting people impacted by epilepsy, including the bereaved, and share that these connections bring deeper meaning to their work.


Funding Opportunities:

American Epilepsy Society

CURE Epilepsy

Epilepsy Foundation

National Institutes of Health