Recorded March 1, 2024

Global Attitudes and Practices in SUDEP Counseling While Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) is a global phenomenon, there are wide variations in the knowledge, attitudes and practices of health care providers around the world as it relates to this most common form of epilepsy-related mortality. Dr. Robyn Whitney, Canadian expert on SUDEP counseling, gave an overview of the results of a recent global survey of neurologists that explored opinions on SUDEP counseling. Dr. Suvasini Sharma shared her experience with patients and their caregivers in India and what they want to know about SUDEP risk. Tolu Olaniyan, from Pretola Global Health and Consulting, highlighted her innovative masterclass on SUDEP that targets health care providers in low resource settings. Following the presentations, there was a discussion on what we can learn from these surveys and experiences to better meet the global challenges to SUDEP education and prevention.


Moderator: Dr. Robyn Whitney, McMaster Children’s Hospital, Canada


  • Dr. Suvasini Sharma, Lady Hardinge Medical College and Associated Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • Tolu Olaniyan, CEO & Director of Pretola Global Health and Consulting, UK