The Center for SUDEP Research (CSR) was NINDS’ most significant investment to date focused on advancing understanding of SUDEP. As a large, 5-year, multi-disciplinary, and multi-center study – the CSR promised to catalyze research on SUDEP and dramatically enhance our understanding of this poorly understood and devastating phenomenon. What did it achieve and where do we go from here? This webinar was recorded on October 25, 2021.




Daniel Lowenstein, MD, University of California, San Francisco


Speakers included:

Vicky Whittemore, PhD, NIH/NINDS (presentation)

Jeffrey L. Noebels, MD, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine (presentation)

Samden Lhatoo, MD, UT Health McGovern Medical School (presentation)


Presentations will be followed by questions from the audience. Clinicians, scientists, advocates, and family members are welcome to participate.